April 15, 2017

Agile Commune – Join Here!

“Agile Commune” is an Agile Agnostic community which means, for us, various Agile frameworks are mere tools. That way, we are open to discuss anything and everything under the sun on Agile. The community is there to share knowledge through webinars, have focused discussions on various subjects, get to know people in person whom you know as just LinkedIn profiles.

The community is committed in helping each other finding the right opportunity. We all come across opportunities which we can’t pursue due to various reasons. Why not help each other in finding the right fitment?

Agile Commune promises safety. We encourage you to come and express yourself, pose questions and explore possibilities.

It’s a Slack Community

Slack is a collaboration platform like few others. At first, it appears to be just a WhatsApp, but it can do so much more. Our community on Slack is accessible on desktop/laptop via any browser at agilecommune.slack.com or on Slack mobile app.

What in it for you?

  • Stay connected with the latest and greatest in the Agile world
  • Get answers from some of the best experts/ practitioners in the world
  • Get to know about opportunities first hand * Regular webinars on interesting topics related to Agile
  • Great opportunity to become a core member- moderate discussions, be a community builder, interact with agile thought leaders to plan and execute Agile Commune activities

Hurry! Join Now

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How to contribute?

  • Introduce yourself in #intros channel
  • Share your thoughts/experiences, awesome links with other community members
  • Conduct public webinars
  • Opportunities you can’t pursue? Share them on this platform under #jobs channel. Who knows, some other time, these job-shares may help you as well.
  • You have ideas to make Agile Commune better? Feel free to let us know about it. If you are a doer, become part of organizing group. Anyone and everyone can become part of organizing group.